Signing This new Contract – by Author on Africa – An African employer utilizes their white employee’s spouse to help keep their African customer pleased. (MF, intr)

Signing This new Contract – by Author on Africa – An African employer utilizes their white employee’s spouse to help keep their African customer pleased. (MF, intr)

Sissy Headhunters – by Kimmie Holland & Meeah Mackenzie – Andy had been flattered to be recruited by a group of business headhunters. Nevertheless the place they will have in your mind — neutered sissy that is white — is certainly not precisely the job modification he’d expected. (MF/M, nc, v, intr, television, bd, cast)

Siblings – by Parker – A sister assists her black colored boyfriend rape her sister. Then she begins to force her sis to accomplish other items against her shall. (MFdom/F, inc, intr, rp, v, preg)

<p> Sisters’ Week – by Illicit Writer – Four sisters and a feminine general take their yearly holiday with uncommon outcomes. (M+/F+, org, intr, alc, nc, bd) – component 2 – component 3

Six-Pack – by Obmuj – Six rich, girls, five who have been 15 together with the acknowledged frontrunner regarding the six, Ann Johnston who’d just turned 16, become element of a angry PhD’s test. The virgin girls are converted into expecting mothers-to-be of eight boys that are black. (mf-teens, ped, exh, inc, 1st, intr, preg)

Size Does thing – by Geminiguy – The motivation with this tale originated in an bout of the CBS sitcom Rules Of Engagement throughout the 2012 period for which David Spade’s character Russell Dunbar has surely got to go right to the dental practitioner. Timmy needs to choose him up because he can not drive. The dental associate offers instructions on which Russell cannot be doing and therefore was as he stated the classic line we’m including right right right here. “Size does matter. ” (MF, intr, size)

Slave – by Colesneil37 – Girlfriend and boyfriend Dave and Emma, have actually played at moving, now she desires to step as much as the next degree and begin some humiliation and fun having a brand new 6’5″ black colored bull who does make use of her boyfriend in enjoyable means. (MMF, bi, reluc, exh, cuck, intr, huml) component 2

Slave To Ebony pupils – by dale10 – Carla Birch is just a twenty two yr old teacher that is white a highschool with mostly black colored children. (F/m-teens+, voy, nc, rp, v, tor, huml, intr, orgy)

Slave Trade – by Anon – they would constantly chatted about any of it, about her getting used by a small grouping of strong, strapping studs that are black. Her being their Cum Dump. In addition they’d both adored it. The sensation she had to be utilized and mistreated through the night very very very long and their visits every days that are few a lot more of her hot cunt. The weekends she remained immediately at certainly one of their houses, her spouse Len, straight straight straight back at their residence waiting on her to return, to inform him about her week-end orgies. (M+/F, nc, rp, dental, anal, bd, intr, medications, prost, preg)

Slick whenever Wet – by Anonymous – i am Colin and I also’m composing to inform you about my connection with a theme that is popular just by the other stories we read on the niche. That is, males whom have a kick away from watching other males screwing their wives. (MF, wife-sharing, intr)

Slimming drugs – by Wife Watcher – my spouse had taken Pills that is slimming once we had a glass or two, she got actually stoned. Whilst I happened to be finding a taxi, some males took advantage of her drunken condition and we allow them to. (M+/F, wife, bi, intr, alcohol, voy, cuck, cream-pie)

Slut – by Tyson – A Catholic schoolteacher turns into a Tijuana whore. (MMF, exh, wife-exh, husband-voy, intr, oral, anal, prost)

Slut Diary – by Babette Chandler – Excerpts from Babette’s journal for the visitors activity. (Mdom+/Fsub, FF, extreme-nc, rp, intr, asian, tor, scat, oral, anal, huml)

Slut Wife In A ebony Club – by LeatherZebra – Submissive Blond Hotwife is taken up to a club and it is employed by BBC in their van into the club parking area. (M+/F, exh, dental, intr)

Soccer mother – by Happy Wife – The nine 12 months itch (when marriages appear to be in peril) could have played a part in Beth’s wandering ideas about intercourse with some body except that her spouse. ” minimal did she understand that being fully a soccer mother would induce A black colored Soccer Dad that has exactly the same itch. ” (MF, wife, cheat, intr, oral)

Personal employee, The – by Pallidan – a new girl discovers her very first task as being a social worker would be to head to a slum part of the town and brief a mom for a young issue kid. She discovers being fully a social worker is not absolutely all its cracked around be. (FF, dom, reluc, mc, intr, spank)

Soldier’s Wife – by Greg – I’d been implemented to Cuba for 6 months as an element of a procedure to save Haitian migrants from drowning on the motorboat visit to Florida and send them house. I’d talked often to my spouse Kelly in the phone looking into things and her question that is biggest (and mine) ended up being, “when will you be coming back? ” Minimal did i understand why she desired to understand. (M+/F, intr, spouse hum)

Available – by Jorgen Karlsson – From a far distance we heard feminine sounds in a strange language that i did son?t realize. We felt arms all over my own body, pressing and tearing down my garments. They switched me around and nailed me to your sleep with all the fat of these figures. Someone sat to my mind, pushing my face on to the soft pillow. (F-dom/M, nc, rp, bd, intr)

Available spouses – by Karen Kay – a team of blond well endowed housewives are purchased to come and work on a rich guy’s property. They’re going to are their maids for a months that are few being came back home. Whatever they do not know is for them– like interracial breeding perhaps that he has other plans? (F+/M, nc, rp, intr)

One thing Fishy During My Numb Wife’s Pussy – by Bhuralund – whenever my family and I decided to go to purchase some seafood for a we realised we were late sunday. However a masculine and barely dressed fisherman and their attendant were a lot more than prepared to offer us some seafood till the seafood under consideration inadvertently landed on my wife’s pussy. (MMF, bi, wife, intr, voy, size, creampie, india)

Therefore my partner wishes Ebony Dick – by Atma Dragoon – i will be in no means racist, but have discovered the flood of tales underneath the “Wimpy-White-Husband” theme somewhat troubling. We thought it absolutely was time for a tale having a delighted ending. (M+/F, intr, slut-wife)

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